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Memorial Monuments

Designing a memorial monument for a special someone who passed away can involve countless design and symbols. Naturally, you would want the deceased to be remembered forever even in a simple way like a long lasting symbol in the grave. Some people choose angel design to symbolize that their loved one is already in heaven probably having a great time with the angels above. Some people use a large cross to ask forgiveness and eternal life with God while others place a picture of the deceased in the headstone to remember his happy face forever. Well, whatever the design or symbol that you want to use for the memorial monument of your deceased loved one, it is best to choose the right type of stone. Here are some examples of stones to choose from:

Granite – using granite for the memorial monument is a classic choice. This type of stone brings out elegance and classic look but you have to be aware that this stone is a bit pricey. However, you should not worry much because the price is all worthy because the stone is very strong and the beauty can last over long period of time. It is not easily damaged by natural disaster like typhoon or strong heat of the sun. Another great thing about using granite is that it comes in different colors and patterns since it is a natural stone. Many people are definitely choosing granite for memorial monuments.

Marble – there are people who are also choosing marble for memorial monument. This type of stone can be as pricey as granite but depending on the color. There are types of marble that are less expensive. Just like granite, marble is also perfect in different weather condition. It is strong and sleek and the best thing is that it can be more affordable than granite.

Bronze – it is also great to use bronze as this is far more affordable than both granite and marble. It is a heavier product thus making it durable. Using bronze will also bring out result that is more artistic. You do not have to worry because despite the affordable prize of bronze, it is still durable and it can last to various weather conditions.

Aluminum – another choice that you can come up with is a memorial monument made of aluminum. It is attractive and less expensive than granite, marble and even bronze. However, you should be aware that a memorial monument made of aluminum can only last up to 15 or 20 years then you need to replace it afterwards.

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