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4 Vital Tips for Enjoying Australia on a Budget

Australia’s well-maintained roads, high standard of healthcare, stable political system, and low crime rate make it relatively safe and easy nation to explore. Though, you need to be aware of some environmental hazards, like extreme desert heat, rough surf, and bushfires. You need to be prepared for hikes or long bushwalks, and outback journey, and take enough precautions to stay safe from poisonous animals like crocodiles, and sharks. With the following tips, you can have safe journey to Australia on a budget.


Know When to Visit the Country

Australian travelers are well aware of the great attractions- surfing at Bondi beach, climbing Harbor Bridge, scuba diving, Cold coast visit and exploring Great Ocean road. Seasons play a major key in determining when and where to go.

The country is vast, with cities from chilly, cold southern shores to central deserts and northern tropics. Most people plan their visit in summer season (Dec-Feb), when southeastern hubs of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney are warm and sunny. Long balmy evening drives, outside cafeteria table overflow, party nights, swarm beaches, and many more locations are there to visit both on and off season. The shoulder-seasons- Mar/April or Oct/Nov is a better bet. Winter is the best time to explore central deserts and grey south areas, when the humidity and temperatures are bearable. But, if you don’t want to tax your pockets, try to avoid the peak season, and enjoy the offseason discounts.

Where to Go?

If you’re a person, who loves bookshops, live music, galleries, pubs, and good coffee, look no further than Melbourne. Sydney has world-class hotels and restaurants, cool bars, hot clubs, hip shops, and great surf beaches. Bushwalkers and nature buffs should visit Kakadu Nation Park in the Northern land, comprising of ancient Aboriginal rock art, wonderful crocodile terrain as well as raucous birdlife. Depending on the month you visit, if the climate is cooperative, you can also explore Kuringai National ParkCentennial Park, and Hyde Park. The main attraction of Australian lifestyle (surf, sand, and sun) is sure to take you to Bondi beach; however, be careful while parking your vehicle (as there are many offenders) or it’s better to travel in bus.

Getting Around

Unlike Europe or the USA, Australia does not have many big inland cities; so driving can involve huge distance from one spot to another. The domestic airlines are reliable and affordable and hence it’s better to fly. If you do not mind travelling or aren’t in a hurry, then take a road trip, exploring surf towns, beaches, and other places around Great Ocean Road.

Buy travel insurance, before you plan where to visit; shop around and look for the best tourist operator. When considering travel insurance, you should look for those operators, like who assure you reasonable rated coverage.

Stay Safe

The wildlife in Australia is something that you need to be aware of; in order to make your trip enjoyable and memorable, you can consider these safety tips. The constant sunshine is very strong; apply sunscreen lotion, wear sunglasses and hat, even during cloudy climates. Make sure to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

Consider the above tips to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without breaking the bank!

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